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Terms & Conditions

The Merry Hair Co.,Ltd hereby reminds the user to read carefully and fully understand the terms of this Agreement, in particular the exemptions, restrictions on the liability of the Merry Hair Co.,Ltd, restrictions on user rights, dispute resolution and legal application. Please read carefully and choose to accept or not accept this agreement (minors should be accompanied by a guardian). Unless the user accepts all the terms of this Agreement, the user is not entitled to use the services provided by the Merry Hair Co.,Ltd under this Agreement. By registering, registering, or using this Web site on this website, the user is fully responsible for accepting all of the terms of this Agreement and agrees to be bound by it. The (Including but not limited to any form of access, access, browsing the website, or the use of the site of the services, features, etc.), if you use the site (including but not limited to any form connected, , Your use will be deemed to be known, approved and agreed to comply with the entire contents of this User Agreement.

1, accepted

1.1 When you use the Site, you have become fully aware of, accept and agree to abide by the terms of this Agreement, choose to access or use the relevant services on this website and will be deemed to agree to be bound by all the terms of this Agreement.

1.2 The Website reserves the right to update this Agreement if necessary. The site reserves the right to adjust the structure, service, function, etc. of the website. Unless otherwise stated, new features, new services will apply this Agreement. Regardless of each renewal or service adjustment of this Agreement, it will be posted immediately on the website without notice and will take effect immediately. If you refuse to accept a new agreement or service, you must immediately abandon the use of the site; if you continue to use the site, then you have fully aware of, agree and agree to comply with the new agreement or service unless otherwise specified, this site launched New products, new features and new services, are unconditionally applicable to this Agreement. This website reserves the right to modify the terms of this Agreement at any time without notice. Users should pay attention to and use the service

2, the user

2.1Legitimate users registered through the normal channels of this website

3, the terms of registration

3.1 If you are registered as a member in the process of using the website, you must agree that the user can register the account by using the website. The registration service should be based on the requirements of the website. True, accurate, immediate, complete personal information, including but not limited to your name or address, contact address, contact telephone number, e - mail address, etc. If the registration information is not true caused by the user's own responsibility, the site does not assume any responsibility and the right to suspend or terminate the user's account.

3.2 After the registration is successful, the user will obtain the account number and its password as the only identity when you trade and enjoy the service on this website. Users are required to keep their own account and password, shall not transfer their own account, lend to other third parties to use, the account and its password custody obligations, and the resulting disputes, losses and legal responsibility.

3.3 If a user registers a member on a website on behalf of another natural person, legal person or other organization, he shall declare and warrant that he has been authorized and entitled to subject the foregoing legal subject to this Agreement.

4, the terms of use

4.1 The use of this site, the user must comply with national laws and regulations and rules and regulations, to comply with the site of the relevant agreements, regulations, rules, procedures and practices, shall not use the site to engage in any illegal or improper activities. Users may not publish all kinds of illegal or illegal information on this website, including but not limited to commodity information, transaction information, community posts, message messages, shop messages, evaluation content, etc.

4.2 The information provided by the user, such as the registration information provided by the user, is true, accurate, complete and legal. The information includes but is not limited to the real name or name, ID number, contact telephone number, postal code and so on. The user guarantees that this website and other third parties You can contact with the above contact with their own; users should also be in the relevant information changes, to be updated in a timely manner. The Merry Hair Co.,Ltd provides confidential information to users.

4.3 The website reserves the right to review, publish or delete information submitted by members. The website will endeavor to verify the information submitted by the member, but it can not fully guarantee the authenticity, accuracy and legality of the information, nor does it assume any liability arising therefrom.

4.4 If the user violates the provisions of this Agreement, or has violated national and local laws and regulations, MERRY HAIR PRODUCTS CO., LTD has the right to stop transmission and delete the relevant information, shielding / prohibit the user's publication, use, write off the account, if necessary, Authorities for disclosure.

5, commodity trading process and related

5.1 The User agrees to abide by the Shopping Guide.

5.2 This website reserves the right to unilaterally withdraw or modify such information in the event that it is found that the goods and / or orders appear on its website are clearly erroneous or out of stock.

5.3 The Shopping Network reserves the right to limit the number of goods ordered, including but not limited to the right to limit and modify the maximum number of purchases and the total number of items for each account.

5.4 The shopping site has stated the price of the product (excluding taxes, including packaging, except for special circumstances), availability and related information. This information will be changed at any time without any notice.

6, Returns and refund rules

6.1 The user agrees to abide by the "after-sales service" agreement on this website.

6.2 This site reserves the right to interpret and restrict the return of goods.

6.3 Cash items arising from the shortage or return of the replacement goods, including by way of payment including but not limited to the following: online payment of the order, the refund returned to the original payment card.

7, disputes, disputes and complaints

7.1 Users in the use of the site, found that there may be violations of their rights of the facts, should promptly notify the site and provide the appropriate proof of material. Due to the complaint is not true to the site or a third party caused losses, should bear legal responsibility.

7.2 The website has the right to accept and deal with disputes, disputes and complaints arising from the use of the website, to know the situation through e-mail and other contact information, and to inform the other by e-mail. The user is obliged to provide the relevant information within the specified time after receiving the notice of the website, and to understand and deal with the dispute, the dispute and the complaint. The site is not satisfied with the results of the treatment, the user can legally to the jurisdiction of the court to prosecute.

7.3 The valid legal instrument confirms that the user has violated the law or violates this agreement or the website determines that the member is suspected of having violated the law or violates this agreement. The website has the right to publish the user's illegal act and deal with it, including but not limited to the termination service, Permanently prohibit the use of websites and so on.


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August 13, 2018

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